Our Journey

‘Sarla’, as represented in the Hindi Language, means ‘Honest, Straight-Forward’. Our mission and vision at Sarlais synonymous with the name: making your buying experience from India an honest and straight-forward experience which is cherished too. The wide spread reach of Sarla Exports to over <40> countries is a testimonial itself.

The Group is powered by Pradeep Modi, Corporate-Shaper, Quarry Developer, and a tough-problem cracker. His vision is very ably supplemented by his poise and self-confidence. His plans always come to fruition with backing from his son, Parth, who is the immaculate executor.

From very humble beginnings, with courage and ambition and a passion to succeed, Salrla Group has grown to become a leader in the Indian Stone Industry. With 80% of the customers being long-standing, the vision is to provide them with the unique warmth and aesthetics that the stone’s rich hues and textures spread.