Red Multicolor Granite is a black and red color stone. It has a red background with black veins on it and a cloudy structure. Red Multicolour Granite is also popular as Indian Multi Red, Red multi-color, and Indian Red Granite. It looks beneficial with the black waves mixed well with the red to the pink. Red Multi Colour is granite mined in India.


  • Stone Forms- Thick Slab, Thin Slab
  • Cut Sizes- Customized Sizes Available
  • Finishes- Polished, Lapatura, Leather, Sawn, Honed, Calibrated, Brushed, Antique, Leather, Sandblasted
  • Applications- Residential & Commercial – Indoor Cladding, Outdoor Cladding, Countertops, Staircase, Flooring, Walls, Kitchen Top, Bathroom, Main Area